100 abstracts in 100 days

I had this idea floating around in my head for a while and I finally wanted to give it a go. What better time to share my colorful abstracts, one painting at a time with the world while it gets progressively darker and colder as the year draws to a close?

Also, you might have noticed that I am ardently studying Korean right now and my biggest dream is to fly to Seoul in Spring 2019. I fell in love with Kpop (Korean pop music) and Kdrama (Korean TV shows) thanks to a friend (you know who your are) back in 2017. One of the Kpop groups, BTS, inspired my “Love Yourself” series and made me take a long and hard look at what I like about my life and what I am no longer willing to tolerate.

I absolutely love their music (as in, I’m not listening to anything else anymore) but it was the quality of their music videos initially drew me in, they are so colorful and bright, and the styling is just divine! And I got it in my head to want to work together with them as soon as possible. My art in their music videos? Yes please. This challenge is my way of raising the funds for my adventure in South Korea.

I will also raise my prices in 2019 so this is the best chance to snatch up one of my originals on paper for this low a price!

Here is how it works: every evening, 9pm German time (that’s 3pm EST for my American peeps) I will publish my painting of the day on Instagram. The first person to comment below the original Instagram post saying “mine“ or “megets to buy it for 250€ +shipping. I accept Paypal only. Once someone commented, I get in touch with them via Instagram messenger and discuss payment and shipping. You can see all Instagram posts for this challenge under the hashtag #100daystomakeamark!

Each painting is an original on paper, 30x40cm/ 12x16” (A3), signed at the bottom right. Titled and numbered on the back.

Below you can see each painting I will create throughout that challenge. This way everything stays organized and in one place. Also, should a painting not sell in the first 24 hours after I posted it on Instagram you can purchase it here instead.

I’ve never done a painting challenge this long before and I am excited to try it! I’m also curious to see how my style will evolve through the next 3+ months. Will you join me over on Instagram? Are you excited yet for the opportunity to be the first to own this nights painting?

Let’s do this!