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If you are like me, you've read countless posts, went through numerous webinars and paid for several courses only to be still stuck and not knowing what works and what doesn't. Believe me. I've been there.


Actually not so long ago.

I was still at that point in October 2016. Frustrated and throwing everything at it without knowing what would work and what wouldn't. I never seemed to reach enough people with my art to make a sale and all the tips I got were rather generic, like: "Use only good pictures", "Choose the right hashtags", without really explaining what was good or right. I struggled to post once a day and felt insecure about what was the proper amount of hashtags to use. 

Now my Instagram audience grows almost effortlessly.


What changed?

I took the leap and bought yet another course (which induced high anxiety, I had a lot of doubts and sweaty palms before I hit the pay-button). Call me stubborn, but I knew my art was good and all I needed was an introduction on how to best market it!

What made me think that course would be different from all the others I took before?

I had followed another artist on Instagram, Amira Rahim for some months now and her feed was lit!

Her pictures gave me bursts of joy and made me want to paint right away and her videos, oh gaaawd, don't get me started. I still have a folder full of bookmarks of her time-lapses whenever I need a quick pick me up and motivation is low.

So Amira, with her beautifully curated feed and her armada of followers, I trusted her enough to think she might know what it takes. And I bought the course, and from day one, I never looked back.

The best way to predict your future is to create it. -Abraham Lincoln

What she taught us in those few hours changed the game for me. I took endless notes and changed how I approached Instagram over night.

I started November with a bit over 1000 followers in 2016 and I am now close to 8000 followers only a few months later. I got to know my fellow struggling artists and we became a close group that helped each other, never afraid of competition. Amira was there when we hit a bump in the road but she also gave us all the tools we needed to become independent.

I had my first mini viral video a month after the first lesson and another artist, Rachel Penton from @brilliantaqua, her video got really viral and got picked up and reposted by insider art. She was so popular, she didn't even know how to handle the demand for her paintings!

I'm telling you all this because as of today, Amira decided to launch the course again, as a self-study version.

Several people have come up to me and asked me how I did it, how I managed to become successful on Instagram and now I can finally share with you what changed my life.

I even got to contribute a bonus segment to the course (I'm very proud of it) on how to maximize small studio space when you want to take photos and videos.

You can have a look at the course here, enrollment is open only until 11th of August, and if you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up. I promise you, this course is worth every penny!


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Still need more info on how great this is? 

Here is a sneak peak at the bonus material I prepared for the VIP part of the course:

What are you still hanging around here for?

Go get the course now!

I'm a huge nerd for colors, and good equipment, therefore I only recommend something I am totally smitten with. That's why I am more than happy to include affiliate links so you can find everything easily 💙

Note: This article is about my experience with this course. It is a review that shows my personal opinion. Most of all it's a recommendation. The craziest thing? There isn't even one thing I would criticize or say that's something she could have done better. Because Amira went above and beyond for us so we could get the most value out of it!  

Julia Badow