I often get asked which brand of acrylic paint I prefer or what kind of paper I use, so this is an ongoing post that might get edited frequently in the future. 

I'm a huge nerd for colors, and good equipment, therefore I only recommend something I am totally smitten with. That's why I am more than happy to include affiliate links so you can find everything easily 💙 This also means I get a tiny commission every time you buy something through my link.




I started out with and still to this date often use Lukas Cryl Studio paints. They have the best consistency for fingerpainting in my opinion. I'm not super excited about their color range and pigment quality, though. That's why I mix them with higher quality colors all the time. they are perfect though to lay the first layer down or to get nice gradients when mixing colors.

Lukas Cryl Studio


+ best consistency for finger painting


- not the most high-quality pigments

- some colors in their range look horrible and you're better of mixing it


My favorite and most used colors from Lukas:

  • titanium white 4608 (I use that more than any other color! But stay away from the liquid version, it cracks!)

  • magenta red (primary) 4650 (I love all sorts of pink, and if Golden is too expensive this is a good starting point)

  • mauve 4729 (wonderful deep purple with a red undertone)

  • lavender 4730 (the next three are perfect if you don't want to mix with just white. Yummy pastels whenever I saw them. Good opacity, too)

  • arctic 4723 (perfect for "cool" whites)

  • pastel yellow 4621 (Good for mixing soft peach tones with magenta and pinks)

  • turquoise 4724 (still one of my most used turquoise paints)

  • gold 4612 (best gold I've found so far. Photographs beautifully, too. Whenever you see it in my paintings, this is the one I used)

Golden is one of the most seen brands on the Instagram feeds of American artists. I struggle with getting all the colors I like in Germany and have yet to find a store where I can pick them out in person instead of ordering online. Nevertheless, they have wonderfully pigmented paints and I have yet to find a hue I don't like. I mostly use heavy body but adore the liquid versions as well.




+ high-quality pigmentation

+ beautiful color range


- pricey

- hard to get in some countries

- consistency is not ideal fingerpainting

- dry faster then Lukas for some reason


My favorite and most used colors from Golden (heavy body):

Liquitex, Winsor&Newton, Flashe are some other brands that I use. While some swear by Liquitex, I personally think they are somewhere between Lukas and Golden. The pigmentation could be better, there colors don't pop as much as I would like, but I still like to use some of their colors. Winsor&Newton is lovely, but again pricey and Flashe is a vinyl color that is very liquidy and dries matte. 


My favorite colors of all three brands:







I use a glued down acrylic paper pad by Guardi Artistico which is 360g/m2 (gram per square meter). It doesn't buckle as easily as lighter paper.

If I need to use paper with less sturdiness, I tend to stretch it on some board with something similar to watercolor paper tape.

Otherwise, I usually paint on canvas. I buy pre-stretched mostly. Only once did I paint on unstretched canvas (for my 10m of canvas in one week project for university), but I made clothes out of it later on.



I hate wasting my expensive paints but sometimes you need to stop painting before you've finished them all!

That's why I love this neurtal grey Mijello palette.

It comes with an airtight lid that seals the colors in. And if you spritz them with a little bit of water beforehand, they will last a good while (I tested it and mine lasted over a week!)

The grey tone is really cool, because it makes it easier to detect the values of your colors! It's also peel off and therefore easy to clean!


Before that I used and still use paper palettes likes this one.


I love to paint at all hours of the day, so having a good studio light is essential for me!

It also makes a world of difference when you have to take decent photos of your work.

I bought my beloved soft boxes at the german amazon, but I found this equivalent in the american store: Andoer Studio Lighting Kit.

I use my iPhone to take all of my pictures and edit them with the "A Color Story" app (small video I found on how to use the curves tool below).

To film my videos, I use a selfie stick wedged in a full box (technical term) and use Instagram's Hyperlapse app, as well as iMovie to edit it.

To do Facebook or Instagram live with my followers I actually have a selfie light I adore!

It also helped me paint when there was a power outage a few weeks back.


more techy/ business stuff

I use Mailchimp to send out all my newsletters and Grum to schedule my Instagram posts when I'm on holiday. 

Also Artwork Archive to stay on top of my inventory (you get 20% off if you sign up through my link)


There are two courses that really changed my life. The first course is something I would recommend for EVERY artist! Amira Rahim is the best at explaining how to leverage Instagram for your art business.

Several people have come up to me and asked me how I did managed to get so successful on Instagram so quickly and now I even got to contribute a bonus segment to the course (I'm very proud of it) on how to maximize small studio space when you want to take photos and videos as well as a video on how to get over your fears whenever you need to film yourself..

You can have a look at the course here, enrollment will open about once a year, and if you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up (Since the course is closed right now, do send me a message and I'll be sure to notify you as soon as it opens again! Just write me a quick email at magic(at)juliabadow.com)


And the second one is more of a money mindset thing. But overall, I would recommend all women to take that one!

Hands down, the Money Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas is life altering!

and her 24-hours-manifesting-guide made it possible for me to afford the first payment.

I am telling you this woman knows what she's doing! I've been following her for years, read her books and tried her free courses and EVERY TIME it worked! I do believe in the law of attraction and she gave me the tools to make it work for me 💙

And of course I thought I could do it all on my own with just her book, but I never got to the big dreams. Being part of her Money Bootcamp and Facebook group made all the difference, after joining I had my best year yet! 

I know it's a big investment, so if you are unsure, message me and I'll do my best to answer all your questions!

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