Frequently asked questions

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If you have never purchased any of my work or just want to know more, I've answered some questions that you may have about collecting my work. 

How I work

Firstly, I have a deep love for colors. Especially flashy, vibrant, saturated hues. So I notice certain color combinations in my surroundings. Since colors and their relationship play such a big part for me, I choose my first few colors I want to use primarily for this piece and I am in the zone, so to speak. A sort of flow starts. I put one color down after another and work really quickly. The decisions which to use next are based on the inspiration I have in mind, instinct and experience which color combinations work. I apply those colors with my hands, so basically, all my paintings are literally hand painted. I very rare instances do I use brushes. 

My (internal) color wheel does consist of cyan, magenta, and pastel yellow, rather than blue, red and yellow, which I find too harsh, I also never, ever use black paint.
I always use a really dark indigo or mauve to simulate black or deep darkness.

For me, a painting is finished when I can't stop looking at it. When my eyes wander over the surface and detect one captivating part after the other. 

What materials do I use?

I use high-quality acrylics from Golden, Liquitex and other brands I've tested over the years. With the highly saturated, vibrant colors I prefer, it is essential to invest in professional quality paints to ensure the longevity of the art. 

I paint on thick paper made especially for acrylics which has a heavy feel to it. Its dimensions are 30x40cm or 12"x16" (A3) or 50x60cm (A1) and canvases in all sizes up to 120x160cm.

All of the materials I use are as archival as possible.

You can find more about specific brands and other equipment I use here.


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How to Purchase?

Every painting available on my website can be purchased directly through it. Please either click the "add to cart" button and check out yourself or email me at magic[at] to request more information or express interest in purchasing.

You can either pay by credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal. 

I do offer payment plans for any painting over €500. You can choose from 2 - 6 months payments to pay for your new painting. Please just specify how much time you need and I will email you an invoice immediately. You may pay by PayPal for your installment payments.

What Happens After I Purchase?

After your final payment has been received your painting will be carefully packaged and shipped via DHL. Please give me 1-3 business days to ship smaller pieces and 1-2 weeks to ship bigger pieces on canvas.

estimated shipping time

Germany ca 1-2 days
EU ca 4-14 days
Everywhere else ca 14-21 days

The paintings are insured during shipping (that’s why it’s so expensive and because the postal system was changed recently). Carrying insurance on the painting after it arrives in your possession is your responsibility.

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How does my painting come shipped?

Does my painting come framed?

All Canvas pieces will be packaged safely with Glassine (archival paper), several protective layers suche as bubble wrap and foam board in a box, if they are shipped strechted. Or if the size doesn't permit that, I unstretch the piece and ship it rolled in a tube. Each will be signed with title and year on the back. 

All originals on paper will be shipped in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard envelope, signed with title and year on the back.

Plus a little personal note from me.

No, frames are not included. You can either let frames get made specifically for your artwork or have a look at  IKEA where I happen to have found the perfect size frames for my paper pieces in A3. You'll want to buy the 16x20" frame (RIBBA) to fit my 12x16" pieces.

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How to Care for your painting over time?

Do you do commissions?

To dust your painting over time you can use a lint-free cloth or a dry soft hair paintbrush and run it back and forth from the top to the bottom allowing all the dust to fall off.  Never use anything liquid to clean it with.

*note never put a painting in full sun or in a dark damp place. Both will cause damage. Too much sun will bleach out the colors over time. Store it in a dark humid place and it will darken the painting and mold damage and warping is possible.

I do offer Super Extra Surprise Wildcards!

Find out more about those here.


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