Julia Badow
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Julia Badow
internation selling fine artist and mermaid from Berlin, Germany

Vibrant, Abstract Paintings

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Julia Badow

International selling fine artist from Berlin Germany.


"Julia's art is a burst of pleasure and delight. The colors dance across the canvas as if revealing a map to a magical land where your soul is free to fly where it desires. I love looking at my painting to remind me of my soul's true desires." –Laüra H., Artist, Creator of Soul Art®


"Beautiful, expressive candy colored art." –Emily K.


"I love the colors. Every time I look at them they just make me smile because they're so colorful and happy." –Stephanie T.


Julia Badow's work is part of personal collections in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Latest work

Here you get to see my newest pieces of artwork. Click on the images to learn more.


HUGE Statement pieces for your living room

7 of the biggest canvas artworks I ever painted are now available from my series "Looking at Music". They were a labor of love (and sweat and sore arms, cause they are heavy!). 

Inspired by my favorite songs, they will brighten your home considerably!

Find out more here

Eudaimonia - a series of harmony and flow

This collection, contrary to my big statement pieces above, consists of the smallest canvases, canvas boards and gesso boards I could find. Sometimes you need to take micro steps in order to grow.

Inspired by my own pursuit of happiness and what I found along the way!

You can find out all about it here.

Blackout Collection

I was in the middle of painting when suddenly the power was gone. My studio light stuttered and went out. Leaving me in the dark with paint on my hands.

So there I stood, with a palette full of freshly squeezed paint and stained hands that I could only wash in cold water (cause even water needs energy to get warm, go figure).

How, against all odds, I still was able to create a new series, you can read here.


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