Julia Badow's Fashion Portfolio


"No more drama" - female empowerment through undies.

My graduate collection is all about empowering women through their undergarments. Ever noticed how you sit straighter or are more confident when you wear something beautiful and perfectly fitting? I realized that with women, in particular, there is a whole mindset shift the moment they wear beautifully tailored lingerie. That is why my collection will focus on different styles and fits of bras, panties to cover every preference. Layered on top are see-through everyday clothes made of tulle so that the underwear will be the main focus of the collection without leaving anyone too exposed.

Say yes to self love and toss your granny panties.


"What about Neon Pink?" - An hommage to Basquiat.


"X" - or how women survive the zombie apocalypse

5 different colored knits werde combined to create a collection that is able to withstand a potential zombie apocalypse.



"Take a Bow" - Jeff Koons meets Baroque

Childhood memories and Popculture, framed by baroque patterns and Jeff Koons, formed this girlband consisting of Sailor Moon, Ariel the little mermaid and the last Unicorn. Sweetly pastel colors are combined with biker jackets covered in flowers and heavy, shimmering boots. The harnesses, in their symmetry, originate from the blueprint Versaille‘s and allude to a more adult theme. Gigantic bows made of holographic spandex refer to Koons voluminous metallic artworks, embroidered and painted patches connect childhood heroines with biker gangs.


"Nymphaea" - The traitorous waterlily

Nymphaea takes its silhouettes from the time period 1955-1975 and mirrors the growth of the waterlily collectively. The collection developed through a collaboration between Julia Badow and Lisa Tröge. Flowery patterns were designed, fabrics printed digitally as well as manually, tulle was gathered and intricate waterlilies were hand-cut into an oversized Kimono.



The sensual art of seduction as seen in burlesque and masculine heroes with their billowing capes inspired "Dita". Aloof coolness paired with female elegance and sex-appeal.

Below are BTS's, sketches, WIP's and flat drawings of my designs


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