1-on-1 consultation to jump start your art career

1-on-1 consultation to jump start your art career


Book a 60 minute consultation with me and ask me all the questions!

I can give you insights on

  • Viewing your art career as a proper business
  • Why you should be on Instagram and how to grow your following organically (I went to 10K in under 12 months)
  • Why you should build an email list even without a website
  • Why a website is the next best step
  • Mindset shifts and tactics about proclaiming yourself as an artist
  • Taking the icky feeling out of asking for money in return for your work
  • And everything else you might like to know 


By booking this session, you will get a 60 minute consultation on Zoom with yours truly, a recorded version at the end of it and a deep insight on how I operate my art business.

After booking, you'll get an email with some questions so I can prepare best for our session together and a link to schedule your appointment. 

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