"Bubblegum Beach"

"Bubblegum Beach"


When I look at this painting I get excited, I want to do things. It energizes me in a way coffee never could and lifts my spirits. 

Named after one of my favorite Marina and the Diamond songs (slightly altered bc the internet doesn’t like the B word), this painting is part of an on-going series inspired by music.

120x160x3.8cm, acrylic on canvas, comes to you signed (on the side) and ready to hang.

I offer payment plans for 2-6 months. If you would like to take advantage of this, please write me an email at magic@juliabadow.com with the subject „payment plan“ and your desired time span and the title of the piece(s) you‘d like to purchase. Once a piece is paid in full I‘ll ship it to you.

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