"Mermaid Lagoon"

"Mermaid Lagoon"


Tail swishing, fins stretching and churning water that is glistening in the early afternoon sun. One or the other excited giggle drifts upwards, reaching your ears. Settled deep inside the foliage, hidden from view, you watch the scene play out below you. Mermaids. You heard about their mischievous nature, but never before did you have a chance to witness their antics first hand. They could be cruel, but oh so beautiful.


80x80x1.5cm, acrylic on canvas, comes to you signed (on the bottom right) and sides painted, ready to hang.

I offer payment plans for 2-6 months. If you would like to take advantage of this, please write me an email at magic@juliabadow.com with the subject „payment plan“ and your desired time span and the title of the piece(s) you‘d like to purchase. Once a piece is paid in full I‘ll ship it to you.

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