1/100 - “Sweet Dreams”

1/100 - “Sweet Dreams”


💙100 paintings in 100 days challenge💙
1/100 - “Sweet Dreams” 💕 - And so it BEGINS! This is the first painting in my 100 paintings in 100 days challenge. Each painting will be an original, acrylic on paper, 30x40cm/12x16” (A3).
This challenge is Instagram only and I’ll post the next painting at 9pm German time tomorrow (3pm EST). You might think: “Julia! Are you crazy? Why stress yourself and try to do 100 paintings in 100 days??? That’s impossible. You lost your marbles...”. Well... maybe. Okay. Very possibly. But eh…
There are several reasons for doing this. 
Firstly I thought it’s the perfect way to end the year. Especially now that the days get darker, colder and greyer with every passing second. A little pop of color might hold the misery at bay. Secondly, I have this dream of flying to Seoul in March 2019 and I’ve been studying Korean since June practically non stop. I fell in love with Kpop (especially BTS), Kdramas and korean food (yummy but spicy) and want to somehow end up with my paintings in one of BTS’s next music videos. No idea how I’ll do that but let’s shoot for the moon and land on a star 💫 And these paintings will hopefully fund my flight and adventure in South Korea. So if you want to support ya girl in her dreams... comment “MINE” on the next painting you love!
Lastly, as soon as this challenge ends (January 1st 2019 🎉 weeeeee) I will raise my prices. So this is your last chance to get an original from me this inexpensively! 
I can’t tell you how excited I am to see what the next 99 paintings will look like 😁

A3 (30x40cm/12x16"), acrylic on paper, signed at the bottom right corner. 

*Frames are not included in the purchase

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