43/100 - “Ambivert”

43/100 - “Ambivert”


This is a continuation of yesterdays train of thought. I don't like being labeled even though I like things organized.
Are you as sick of all the personality tests and boxes you don't fit into as I am? Especially the debate about Introverts vs. Extroverts leaves me yawning at this point. What if you just say yes to both? Or "it depends"?
Why we have the urge to label and dissect every minute detail just to feel order in this absolute endless universe we live in escapes me. If it helps you to know you gain energy from being by yourself for periods of time, that is lovely and more power to you. But we shouldn't need permission to feel good about taking time for ourselves that way is what I'm saying. And also, can you even remember the last "personality" test you took and do you think it seriously impacted your life in the grand scheme of things? I get that most are for fun and not self-reflection. But I could honestly list you 100 other things I would rather do then take one more useless test on the internet just to "relax".

A3 (30x40cm/12x16"), acrylic on paper, signed at the bottom right corner. 

*Frames are not included in the purchase

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