24/100 - “DNA”

24/100 - “DNA”


This questions seems to split the masses. Do you think you, everything you are, your being as a whole, stems solely from your genetic heritage or does the environment you grow up in has the stronger influence in what makes you the person you are? For me it comes down to whether I think I have a choice in the creation of my life or if everything is pre-destined. I quite like having a choice. I also know a lot of what I experience everyday and subsequently forms my perception of the world originates in what was given to me at birth. For me it‘s never been a question of one over the other and more like a „let‘s play to the strength of both“. How do you feel about what ultimately made you the person you are today? Are you the sum of your cells or your environment? And which thought makes you more uncomfortable?

A3 (30x40cm/12x16"), acrylic on paper, signed at the bottom right corner. 

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