33/100 - “Holla if you need me”

33/100 - “Holla if you need me”


Can you ask for help? Because I know I'm really good at helping people. I don't hesitate if someone needs me and I'll forego my own needs in order to support others more often than not. But I can't remember for the life of me when I asked for help last. It feels icky, I don't want to bother the people around me and my problems aren't that big or important, I say to myself.
They probably can't help me anyway.
Do you recognize yourself? See how incredibly stupid this sounds written out? Please do ask for help. Even if you think they can't help, just having someone listening can be incredible to solve problems. Even just stating a problem out loud, explaining it to someone else gets your brain in a state where you can easily recognize patterns and solutions.
I'm learning to get better at this and also to set healthy boundaries for those who seek out my help.
We'll get there. 

A3 (30x40cm/12x16"), acrylic on paper, signed at the bottom right corner. 

*Frames are not included in the purchase

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