31/100 - "I'm Fine"

31/100 - "I'm Fine"


How many times did you say these words, even though you were not?
In a split second of somebody asking „How are you?“ you have to figure out if you have the energy to explain why you are not fine right now. Do you even know yourself? Is it just a rhetorical question or does the other person genuinely care? How much are you willing to share? Why is it so hard to answer a single question? How do you distill all your worries and insecurities that consume you every night into a simple one-sentence answer? Have you stopped trying? Have you even started lying to yourself and believing your lowly muttered half-truths?
„…Yeah. I’m fine, thanks.“
No. No, you’re not. And it’s ok.

A3 (30x40cm/12x16"), acrylic on paper, signed at the bottom right corner. 

*Frames are not included in the purchase

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