81/100 - "Rogue"

81/100 - "Rogue"


As always when I set myself a project like this 100-day-challenge, I am amazing at distracting myself. I normally go rogue almost immediately and try to get around my set plans. I am actually amused I lasted this long without a side project. But this December, on top of my ongoing challenge, I decided to get better at portrait drawing. You might have caught a glimpse of that desire with Day 55. But by now this is in full swing. I'm drawing one full portrait each day for the whole of December on top of my 100 abstracts challenge. And I can't even tell you why I'm doing this to myself? I can't seem to focus on only one project at a time. Maybe I get bored too easily. Maybe I'm afraid I'm not good enough if I give it my 100% and rather diffuse my attention and then have the excuse to say, "Yeah, I was doing x,y,z... at the side anyway, so it's all good". In any case, I'm really good at keeping myself busy. Am I the only one? Where do you divert your attention?

A3 (30x40cm/12x16"), acrylic on paper, signed at the bottom right corner. 

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