Blackout - new series

Power outage

I was in the middle of painting when suddenly the power was gone. My studio light stuttered and went out. Leaving me in the dark with paint on my hands.

So there I stood, with a palette full of freshly squeezed paint and stained hands that I could only wash in cold water (cause even water needs energy to get warm, go figure).

You never know how good you have it until essential things like electricity are taken away from you.

Turns out my whole area was afflicted and there was nothing to do then wait for the lights to turn back on. So I gathered some candles and propped up my selfie light (yes, it's a thing and glorious, google it) and went ahead and painted.


It was irritating not to be able to see perfectly what I was doing and strangely freeing at the same time.

After several hours when the lights turned back on, I had finished 7 new pieces I was almost afraid to look at in decent light.

Turns out they still looked pretty good xD

I used new interference paint I bought in Bristol that only appear when the light hits the paint just right, which fit the whole illuminated-blackout theme perfectly!

I was a bit cross-eyed at the end, I have to admit. Straining your eyes that way is nothing I would recommend on a daily basis. But just this once I'm very happy I pushed through!

Now I have a fresh collection I can share.

7 new originals, just for you!

Julia BadowComment