Bristol or... embracing street art can lift a city to another level.


I'm on a ten day trip in Bristol right now and I love it already!

Just the other day I went on a street art tour and let me tell you, if you ever get to Bristol get a guided tour because it's epic!


The picture above is a huge painting on the side of a multi-story building. Just look at the graffiti at the bottom to get a better idea for it's size 🙄

I don't know the artist's name but I remember that he used spray paint mixed with oils and when he's done, he bombs his own paintings with solvents to make the paint drip!

The whole city is to the brim full of art and makes you want to join right in and paint alongside everyone!

Thanks to Banksy, who started out in Bristol, it is now the capital of street art in Europe. Famous artists are rubbing shoulders aka they're artworks are being displayed side by side. Your view glides from one building front to the next and when you turn around there is another masterpiece to peruse. Be prepared to crane your neck a lot is all I'm saying.


It's so inspiring to be here already and naturally I went and bought art supplies 😋

Can't wait to get back to my studio and implement all that I've seen 🎨